Mobile slots refers to any gaming machine game available on a smartphone or tablet. This form of gambling is not new – some major game developers (like Playtech ) have been releasing mobile games since about 2004.

Why are games on smartphones and tablets only now becoming such a hot topic? Significantly more people have mobile devices and can access games. As of March 2017 , Apple sold 1.16 million iPhones , and we know that sales of Android steadily ahead of iOS at 10%. These numbers do not include tablet sales. In total, this could be 2.5 billion smartphones and about 1.2 billion tablets, and all of these devices can be used to play mobile slot machines. Needless to say, more potential gamblers means that mobile gambling is gaining more attention.

If you are looking for real money slots on your smartphone or tablet, then there is good news for you: the number of slot games on mobile gaming platforms exceeds the number of games in any other category. Slots can be easily adapted to the size of the display of the mobile device. And since the interaction of players with the slot is more like a video game (where buttons are pressed instead of rolling dice or collecting cards), slot machines naturally fit into the software of mobile casinos.

Mobile slot machines

I wish I could say that mobile slot sites offer the same variety as physical machines or even traditional casinos, but this is not the case yet.

The variety of games is important for slot machine players as slots are relatively simple. There is nothing wrong with playing a simple game; I think slots are like meditations, they are relaxing. But with the different styles of this simple game at your disposal, you can play for longer without getting bored.

Nobody can tell you which site is the “ best ” of real money slots. Your personal preference should play a decisive role in deciding where to gamble on mobile slots.

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