Given the popularity of slot machines, it’s no wonder the question “How to win playing pokies?” pops up so frequently. Let’s have a look at the best basic and advanced winning tips and try to draw up a strategy for one of the best-known jackpot pokie products in Australia.

Quick Winning Tips For New And Seasoned Pokie Players

Every new player needs a solid knowledge basis for a successful start in the world of pokies. These essential tips on how to win at pokies machines will direct you towards a mindful playstyle.

  • Learn to budget your available bankroll in advance and manage it during the gambling session.
  • Choose machines with higher denominations (within your budget) as they usually offer better odds.
  • Before gambling, do your research to find the pokies with lucrative bonus rounds.
  • Opt for pokie machines that award lots of free spins.

With a good strategy, you will not only have fun during a pokie night but also leave with handsome winnings.

Advanced Tips On How To Win Playing Pokies: The Jackpot Awaits!

Going beyond the essential recommendations for newbies can help you improve your performance at pokies and dominate this casino game.

  1. Prioritize the number of coins over their value. The greater the number of coins, the higher multipliers will be applied to your wins, potentially qualifying your bet for the jackpot.
  2. Understanding the paylines is crucial if you want to learn how to win playing pokies. Avoid a 30-payline pokie if your budget only allows you to cover 5 paylines. Going for a big win or the jackpot, you need to cover the whole reel and max out your bets on all paylines. Find a slot with bet sizes within your budget.
  3. Go for “loose” pokies with generous payouts. A slot’s RTP coefficient indicates the percentage of your wagered money that is statistically likely to return to your wallet. In online pokies, it varies between 92% and 98%. If your goal is winning, pick a slot with an RTP value of at least 96%.
  4. Choose the level of volatility that suits your playstyle. Low volatility entails frequent yet small wins; high volatility promises bit yet rare wins.

Before wagering real money, it’s recommended to give a try to the slot’s demo version to get a feel of its gameplay.

How To Win Playing Pokies: A Big Prize Winning Strategy For Lightning Link

As one of the most successful jackpot products developed by Aristocrat, Lightning Link comes with four different jackpots, the most tempting of which are Major and Grand. Here are several tips for those eyeing the greatest wins in Lightning Link:

  1. Choose the optimal rate of playing – 20 credits is the way to ensure the best results.
  2. Take advantage of the free spins. Lightning Link pokies are known to give free games every 40-80 spins. Raise your wager once you’ve had 40-50 paid spins. Lower your stake after the free spins are complete.
  3. Allocate sufficient time and budget for playing. It’s recommended to do no less than 200 spins in one sitting. Your chances for the top-level rewards grow the longer you play.
  4. Avoid getting carried away. If you’ve lost over 30-35% of your bankroll, it’s time for a pause. A winning streak that has raised your balance by about a third is also a reason to take a break.

In any thought-out strategy on how to win playing pokies, the key to success is steering clear of impatience and staying in for a lengthy session.

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